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    Lightroom CC 2015 11x17 prints past right margin - Epson Expression XP-906


      In another 11x17 print problem thread I saw that the original question had not been addressed and others seemed to have my problem were adding to the discussion, they seem related problems with 11x17 printing but not the same exact issue. Here is my problem. Thanks in advance for reading.


      This is a newer 6 color Epson do everything in one printer, and the 11x17 output does look nice. However with the latest drivers and in Windows 10 and Mac Book os X When I set up to print an 11x17 each and every time, the printing continues beyond the right margin. With Margins set to 0.25 in. and cell size 10.50 height and 16.50 width, my image extends about 0.125 in. past that right margin line. When I say right, I'm talking about the short edge that is not inserted into the printer to begin a single 11x17 Landscape print. I have taken suggestions from the other thread, by using a Lightroom profile for color management, shrink to fit, stretch to fit, use borderless and still set margins all to no avail. Both Mac and Windows 10.


      I'm out of Idea's and the Epson Ultra Premium Luster is expensive to just try this or that on..... Anyone have the same printer, or issue and resolve it?


      Again thanks for taking the time.



      Jason C