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    I factory reset my laptop and Creative Cloud wants to download as a trial version instead my membership I had


      My MacBook Pro was having issues and it had to be factory reset. I just tried to add my Student membership of Creative Cloud back onto my laptop, but it only wants to download as a trial version. Can anyone please help me?


      I went to the Creative Cloud desktop download menu here, Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps | Adobe Creative Cloud and downloaded Creative Cloud. After I signed in, only trial versions were available to download. I tried signing out of CC, and signing back in with my Adobe ID to see if that would reset the settings so it would realize I already had a membership, but that didn't work.


      When I try to contact support, click on "Adobe Creative Cloud" as the product, "Downloading, Installing, and Setting Up" as what I need help with, and "Downloading and installing" as my issue, I've found that none of the "Try these first..." troubleshooting articles help me. When I click on "Still need help. Contact us." it shows that using the Phone as a contact option is not available and chat isn't either. Only the Adobe Forums as a possible solution is available, so I'm hoping someone on here can help... or someone knows an Adobe contact phone number I can use for this issue.


      I just updated my card in payment options tonight as well. It still says there was a problem with the recent payment for some reason though. I'm not sure if that is causing an issue with the type of Adobe support that is available.


      I need these programs for school projects and I don't know what to do if I Creative Cloud defaults to a trial download instead of my membership I already have.


      Please help! Thank you!