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    Robohelp changing my code! please help

      I have receantly started noticing that Robohelp has been removing certain parts of my code. I have WC3 compliant enabled, because of that it has added a bunch of If statements into my code. This created a few nested quote issues where I have an image with an onclick command.

      ex: document.write("<img src='...' onClick='showitem('...')' />")

      This is the way it spits out the code after I generate. This code is broken by the fact that you can not have nested quotes in that fashion. I managed to fix it on the output file by changing the line to:

      document.write("<img src='...' onClick='showitem(\"...\")' />")

      The backslashes exit the quote and allow for the onClick to work. However when I try and apply this to the source and re-output, it spits out the correct line, but has reversed the backslashes to forward slashes.

      document.write("<img src='...' onClick='showitem(/".../")' />") thus breaking it once more.

      Is there anyway I can stop robohelp from editing a part of code. I have tried turning off WC3 compliance and it did not seem to do anything.