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    Missing thumbnails of images in scroll bar after recovering from corrupted lrcat file




      The last 24 hours have been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. Last night while editing photos my external harddrive suffered a corruption issue and stopped responding. I immediately went into emergency mode and begun the process of ripping off what data I could from the drive before it mechanically failed.


      Luckily I keep all my original photos and raws backed up on a 10tb RAID 5 array with 2 disk parity so I'm not worried about loosing those. Additionally I back up my lrcat regularly (once a month) to the same NAS. However since the last time the catalog was backed up and now, I've of course done alot of editing. Another motivating factor in my recovering the catalog was the fact that I have 4-5 years worth of photo editing in that catalog. So many years of metadata. I just didn't want to loose it all.


      At anyrate I was able to pull the catalog, and when I tried to open it in Lightroom, it complained that it was corrupt, and was gonna try to repair it, which LR failed to do. So with a little research, I was able to dump the LR schema, and reinitialize the database dropping the bad constraints (there were three). When that finished Lightroom was able to reopen the newly restored lrcat file and all was well. I immediately backed up the current state of that catalog to my NAS for well being.


      The catalog is operationally fine, however one thing. My scrollbar containing my images, in Develop, are all blank without thumbnails. If I click on an given grey box, the image is displayed in the portal with all the metadata (the edits I've made, whether or not its been flagged or rejected etc)  and the missing thumbnail is regenerated.


      How can I get my thumbnails back in the scrollbar for the ones that are missing? Some are there others are not.


      I know its not my video card, or resource usage or anything related to hardware, this has to be something with cache or something else. Any input is appreciated.


      Please see the screen shot below. thanks