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    InDesign Crashes when I try to package simple files


      Good day All, I've read a few discussions thus far, but no one really seems to have found the correct solution.


      I can't seem to get InDesign to package simple files(2 pages- minimum images). Even with Larger files this issue occurs(it shows up as a package and then about 5min -crash!!).

      All elements(file names) are free from special characters that InDesign will pick up as a problem, also no illegal fonts etc.

      In previous versions I never had these problems, from 2 pages to 80 pages, InDesign was always fine up until the CC 2015 update.


      Please help me resolve this, its a very frustrating issue!!


      Thank you

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          vineet Chauhan Adobe Employee

          Hello Wildmary,


          Please try again with clean cache and preferences.


          Clear InDesign Cache and Preferences by either renaming the Cache/Preferences folder or by deleting it altogether. (Renaming of the folder is preferred)

          Preferences folder location: -

          Windows : C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\<Version #>\

          Macintosh: Hard Drive/Users/<USER>/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/<Version #>


          Cache folder location: -

          Windows : C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\<Version #>\<Language>\Caches\

          Macintosh: Hard Drive/Users/<USER>/Library/Caches/Adobe InDesign/<Version #>/<Language>/


          If this doesnot work as well, please share with me a sample file on which you are facing this issue.

          Mail ID: Vinchauh@adobe.com 




          InDesign Team