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    Brush Tapering with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in Photoshop Sketch


      Hello! I wanted just to comment that the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil do not seem to taper my brush strokes as I would expect in Photoshop Sketch.


      It's usually the case that I can get a really nice taper IN as I draw a line, but no matter how much I try to ease the pressure off the pen, I seem to not be able to get a nice "taper" out/ point to my lines as I draw. It's always more rounded and blunt!

      I've tried tons of times to play with all the attributes the brush's custom settings to no avail! I've made sure my pen is paired to my ipad, etc.


      I don't think this is an issue with my hardware as it works just fine in other drawing programs (illustrator, autodesk, flipbook, etc) and it's quite frustrating because I want to be able to use Adobe Photoshop Sketch as my main drawing package because I love the other features it has.


      Could someone let me know if you are working on a fix for this? It's incredibly frustrating!


      As a side note.. To be able to save brush presets (and not just brushes) would also be amazing!


      Thanks, and I hope to hear back soon! I can't wait to see what you add in the next update! I love the app other than this little niggle!!


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          cherlita Level 3

          Hi, alintheayoh,


          I also love working with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and enjoy the qualities of the brushes.

          Which brushes are you using with your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil?


          It's possible to achieve expressive tapered strokes with the Graphite Pencil, Marker Brush, Marker Brush (Adobe Line), and Watercolor Round Brush, for example. I have attached a brush stroke example image, and also a sketch of a pelican that I drew with the Graphite Pencil in Sketch. The gold background was painted with the Smudge brush on a lower layer.


          alintheayoh, I just re-read your question and see that you are asking for a taper "out", not at the start of the stroke (as I drew for you below in the stroke examples).

          By default, the strokes taper by pressure and by velocity. I was able to achieve a nice taper at the end of the stroke with the Graphite Pencil, and a pretty good one with the Marker Brush, but agree with you, it would be helpful to be able to achieve the taper at the end of a stroke with other brushes.


          I uploaded an additional image showing a taper at the end of strokes drawn with the Graphite Pencil and a more subtle taper using the Marker Brush.


          I hope that my answer is helpful to you.

          Happy creating.


          Best wishes,



          Brush mark examples Project - Sketch 3 flat_cher pendarvis.jpg

          Pelican on gold background - Sketch 2 sm_cher pendarvis sm.jpg

          Brush examples Project - Sketch 1 cherpendarvis sm.jpg

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            alintheayoh Level 1

            Hi Cherlita!


            Thanks so much for your thorough reply!

            Honestly, I still feel like although the brushes do give a LITTLE taper at the ends of the strokes, they aren't as tapered as the "taper in" lines and still look pretty thick to me.


            You can see this especially with the pencil stroke you've uploaded.. where the opacity and taper in looks much thinner and delicate than the end of the brush-stroke.


            I've tried mainly playing around with the pencil, marker brush, and marker brush (line) with different velocity/ pressure settings and I still find it's not even as intuitive as a bamboo wacom pen + tablet + photoshop.

            Like I said earlier, I know it's not my pen because I can achieve a nice line in Autodesk drawing programs, and Adobe Illustrator.


            I guess my issue is the taper is not overly gradual and it's pretty abrupt. It's there but it is really difficult to make into a nice gradual taper.

            Your drawing of the Pelican is lovely but the example, I'm sorry to say, is unhelpful only because you chose to stick with a brush that was already quite small to begin with and are not achieving a big variation of thickness and thinnness with a single stroke.

            A good challenge would probably even be to try and draw some chinese characters with the brush marker and I think you might see there that it is quite difficult to see.. or just try making apostrophes in the program and you will see that the taper will be quite blunt.


            I am happy to upload some brush-stroke comparisons if that helps you (and the developers) visualize what I'm talking about

            Just let me know and I'll attach them in another reply.


            Thanks for your help, though! It's really appreciated!

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              cherlita Level 3

              Hello, Alintheayoh,


              Thank you for your very nice reply, and your kind words about my pelican sketch.

              I'm happy my comments are helpful.


              During careful retesting of the brush tools, I found that you are correct about the taper out being not as tapered as the taper in. In fact, as I was working, I had edited my last reply to mention this


              Alintheayoh, I agree with you, and would also like to enjoy the ability to have a stroke taper off gradually. It would be helpful to have subtle taper in and subtle taper out. Yes, we do already enjoy this subtle taper control in Photoshop, and some other apps. This type of control is a must for serious artists.


              Thank you for your post, which helped me to push the limits of these Sketch brushes in a new way. It's a pleasure to talk with you.


              Happy creating,


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