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    How to turn 7 photos into one (Lightroom 6) (microscope) (Depth of field)




      I have taken several photos of some plant material under a microscope.  My depth of field is shallow.  I was told that if I take a series of photos, each with something different in focus, I could magically combine the photos into one photo.  The one photo will show the entire dept of field as being in focus.  Well, at least as represented by my seven photos.


      I was directed to Lightoom 6 which I just installed yesterday.  I have read about "stacking" but I have been unable to find out how to "stack" my photos and then turn them into one image.  I am using a modern PC running windows 10.


      I could not find a pdf of the manual for Lightroom 6.  I did find a manual for Lightroom "CC Help".  Is this the correct manual for Lightroom 6?


      I looked at videos on YouTube until later in the evening yesterday.  I saw how to make a stack, expand a stack, collapse a stack and add and remove photos in a stack.  But nothing on how to combine my seven photos into one photo.


      Have I been misinformed?  Or can Lightroom do this?

      Perhaps you can point me to a manual and page number?  Or maybe a You Tube video I missed?

      Any help appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,