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    Center object using motion tracking


      Hello everybody,


      I'm trying to find a way to recenter footage based on motion tracking. I have 4K autofollow drone footage that is not perfect in tracking the subject I need in the center of the frame. The drone is able to keep the subject in the inner 50% of the frame, but not better. I have attempted to use tracking and stabilization to crop the 4K footage back to a centered 1080, but no luck so far. Is there any way to use Premiere or AE tools to automate the process without manually setting key frame movement?


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          Stabilization should on some level work, but of course it will depend on what the footage looks like and well, everything in the Adobe portfolio in that department is not necessarily the best suitable for such a task since you can't combine tracks and extrapolate. As a start, you might give mochaAE a spin rather than using native tools. The planar tracker in mocka allows to re-position the virtual plane and can thus interpolate/ extrapolate across "bad" segments. Otherwise you may be facing something much bigger, more complicated....



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