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    Index Keywords Missing in .chm

      Hi everyone:

      I am using RH7 and I am currently updating an existing Online Help system. The index was created a while ago and has a substantial amount of keywords and subkeywords. However, I added a new subkeyword to an existing keyword and when I went to proof the index after generating the .chm, I noticed the keyword affected was missing, along with all of its keywords.

      I looked for some keywords I had not added subkeywords to and saw that they were missing to.

      This project was originally an X5 project and was converted a few months ago. I have converted two other projects but have not seen any differences with the index.

      Has anyone else had this issue or knows of a glitch with the conversion process that causes this to happen?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Have you ensured you have all three of the RH7 updates installed? Personally I've not come across this so there must be a solution.
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            tnewland82 Level 1
            I just installed all three of the updates, closed out RH7, restarted my laptop, opened RH& and regenerated the CHM file, and unfortunately, some of the keywords and subkeywords are still missing.

            Another computer in my group has the same Online Help system but two versions back-the RH file has never been opened in RH7 on that computer, only X5, our former version.

            We have now noticed that not only are some keywords/subkeywords missing, but there are some keywords now showing subkeywords that did not do so before. The Index that I am looking at in the Design View is correct-the generated CHM is not.

            It is looking more and more like something occured with the conversion of the project from X5 to 7 because I just checked two other projects that were converted and they are having the exact same problem.

            Help? Ideas? Suggestions?

            Thank you!