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    Android Playstore referrer URL


      Basically, i am working on an application that gives users offers or campaigns. These campaigns are basically third party app installs  upon completion of which we intend to give them points.


      So basically User A comes to by app, see's a campaign called Install AppX and Get 10 Points. He clicks on the campaign and goes to playstore.  He clicks on install and up on successful installation User A's account gets credited with some points.


      I am unable to figure out how to send and retrieve back a referral url.


      I tried searching since couple of days and trying out few plugins but unable figure out how to go about this.

      Would appreciate if anyone can help.


      It may be possible  using  Google Analytics. Unable to figure out how to do it in Phnegap, it demands a plugin development.





      GitHub - 8zrealestate/android-referrer-plugin: Android Referrer Capture Plugin

      Adobe PhoneGap Build

      Campaign Measurement  |  Analytics for Android  |  Google Developers