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    Loading delay

      A very odd delay occures when my application loads a .dcr-file and the WLAN radio is turned on. The delay lasts for several seconds (typical 5 to 8 sec.) and is nowhere to be found when the radion is deactivated. When using the wired network all appears normal. I've tested the program on several portabels, but always with the same result.
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          Chunick Level 3
          The WLAN radio probably needs to buffer... how is the WLAN radio set up on the network?... is QoS set in the router for the port the WLAN radio is plugged into? What brand of WLAN radio unit is it?
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            Geir_E Level 1
            At last we found the sinner: A 3d-party add-on for controlling mpegs in Director. It was originally created for Director up to ver. 8 but didn't return any error messages when used on more recent versions. We still don't know the details on what's causing the delay, but installing the newest version of the add-on solved the problem. I suppose the lesson learned must be "Keep track of your ad-ons. They could become unstable rather than not working at all".