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    JS dont working in my project.

    Snack373 Level 1

      Hi. I am trying to create app with wallpapers (on PGB) and i have a problem.

      Function to save the picture does not work, but the strangest thing that does not go out the window even fail. As I understand it, by pressing the function button do not even start. Help!
      If needed, I can provide the source code and plug-in functions.

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Unfortunately I'm having trouble parsing your question. :-(




          • Sharing code is always useful, and in this case will be necessary for us to help in any form. If sharing a snippet, post the snippet that reproduces the issue. Also post your config.xml, index.html (at least the HEAD portion), index.js (or whatever bootstrap code you have). Be sure to remove any identifying information you don't want public.
          • Provide specifics as to what is failing, and include error messages, messages logged to the device's logs, etc.
          • If the issue is visually obvious, perhaps post a screenshot of what occurred, and annotate with what you expected to happen.