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    Document structure in footer


      Hi, I am working on an iPDF and would like to include the structure of my document in the footer.

      For example, I have the following structure:


      1 Chapter A

           1.1 Chapter A1

           1.2 Chapter A2

                1.2.1 Chapter A2a

                1.2.2 Chapter A2b

      2 Chapter B

      3 Chapter C


      In the footer I would like to show where the user is in the document, for example if the user is in Chapter A2b I would like to have something like "Chapter A > Chapter A2 > Chapter A2a" in the footer. Furthermore, I would like to enable the user to click on "Chapter A" or "Chapter A2" in the footer and get back to those chapters.


      I have Paragraph Styles in place for the different chapter levels with automoated numbering etc. and it works all fine. I have no idea how to set up the footer, though. Any ideas (or alternatives) are appreciated.