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    Memory issues


      went to merge a panorama, 5 images raw from a d800 and got an error message, "cannot complete task". windows also warned that i had run out off memory. Earlier in the day the same thing happened when i tried to export 400 images for a timelapse. My main system is an i7 with 16gig of ram. I have just upgraded from cs6 to creative cloud, and the main reason was to use light room for my time lapse and panoramas. I can run these functions on my laptop with CC which has less ram and a slower processor than my desktop. It takes a while but never crashes. However the desktop runs windows 10 and the laptop 7. Have tried it without gpu, same result, converted to dng, same result. I have just recently upgraded the ram and hdd to an ssd.

      Any help appreciated.


      thanks Dom

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is the Lightroom version on the laptop 2015.5 and on your desktop 2015.6 by any chance? The very latest 2015.6 version has memory leaks for some people that can lead to this phenomenon. It's possible to revert to 2015.5 on your desktop if you want to check whether this is the issue. Use the instructions here, but instead of the LR 2015.1.1 update install the LR 2015.5.1 update.

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            disasterdom Level 1

            thanks for your help Jao. The computers are running the same version 2015.6. Unfortunately I cant change my version via that method. As I have a subscription not a standalone version of lightroom. I tried but it wouldn't let me. Its quite strange, its using almost 3-4 gig of ram with the develop module open, with nothing else happening. is there any other way to revert back.

            again thanks for the help



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              disasterdom Level 1

              Lightroom version: CC 2015.6 [ 1078672 ]
              License: Creative Cloud
              Operating system: Windows 10
              Version: 10.0
              Application architecture: x64
              System architecture: x64
              Logical processor count: 8
              Processor speed: 3.3 GHz
              Built-in memory: 16364.3 MB
              Real memory available to Lightroom: 16364.3 MB
              Real memory used by Lightroom: 10222.2 MB (62.4%)
              Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 10722.1 MB
              Memory cache size: 1415.6 MB
              Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 8
              Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2,AVX
              System DPI setting: 96 DPI
              Desktop composition enabled: Yes
              Displays: 1) 2560x1440
              Input types: Multitouch: No, Integrated touch: No, Integrated pen: No, External touch: No, External pen: No, Keyboard: No

              Graphics Processor Info:
              GeForce GT 530/PCIe/SSE2

              Check OpenGL support: Passed
              Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
              Version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 353.82
              Renderer: GeForce GT 530/PCIe/SSE2
              LanguageVersion: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler

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                Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You can do it through that method for both CC and standalone. The trick is that you first have to uninstall Lightroom from the CC app (the gear icon next to the app in the creative cloud app. This will not delete your catalog. In your memory stats up there it seems that Lightroom is using 10 GB of memory which is quite excessive so it could well be this issue. It is very system dependent whether this problem shows up or not. I haven't seen it myself but lots of people have reported runaway memory use related problems here.

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                  dj_paige Level 10

                  Specific instructions to revert back


                  Follow these instructions (where it says Lightroom 6.1.1/Lightroom CC 2015.1.1 pretend it says Lightroom 6.5.1/Lightroom CC 2015.5.1)

                  How do I roll back to Lightroom 2015.1.1 or Lightroom 6.1.1? | The Lightroom Queen

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                    disasterdom Level 1

                    will try again guys, thanks for your help. Was skipping step 2 (download version .0 first



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                      disasterdom Level 1

                      Success guys. No more crashing. Still uses an awful lot of ram though. I ran lightroon on the original install and it never exceeded half a gig of ram with the develop module open. i then installed the update and it was up to 3 gig.

                      Anyways thanks for your help, it is much appreciated. I suspect that it may be an issue light room is having an issue with windows 10. The laptop which is on 7 dosn't have any of the issues and consumes much less ram performing the same tasks


                      Again thanks Dom

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                        disasterdom Level 1

                        looks like I spoke to soon, went to export a time lapse sequence, approx. 20 photos in of 350 it ran out of memory, and pc locked up. Will go back to original install and run without any updates, if that doesn't work, back to cs6.

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                          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

                          Hi disasterdom,


                          Please update Lightroom to 6.9/2015.9 version which includes the fix for Lightroom: Erroneous warning message on Catalog Backup | Photoshop Family Customer Community


                          refer: Lightroom CC 2015.9 now available