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      I am having a weird problem using CC LR 2015.6 in WIN 10 when I import files from my SD Card – the folder and files are not showing up ion proper place in LR

      I have the following selected.

      And also seen as


      But when I import they show up in Lightroom at the wrong location even tho they are in proper location on my hard drive.



      But they are physically located in proper place on my hard drive

      And if I try to move it in Lightroom to the correct explorer folder I get message the photo already exists.

      I have tried testing integrity of the LR Catalog and Optimizing it – both to no avail.


      I did not have this issue until upgrading to 2015.6.


      Is this a new bug or catalog corruption/problem. How can I fix this issue?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is there a folder or sub-folder 2016-07-03?

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            Jim Wilde Level 5

            It would help to show more of the Folders Panel so that we can see exactly what problem you are trying to describe.


            In the meantime, have you tried right-clicking on the 2016-07-02 folder in the Folders Panel and selecting "Show Parent Folder"?

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              Slevitus Level 1

              Here's enlarged screenshot of folder panel.

              When I right click on the 2016-07-02 folder in the Folders Panel and selecting "Show Parent Folder it shows up correctly as a sub folder of 2016 but as you can see it it not displaying that way in the expanded detail of the 2016 folder at the bottom of the folder panel

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                Slevitus Level 1

                And now when I just tried rick clicking again I got this error:

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                  Jim Wilde Level 5

                  Have you recently renamed the "PHOTOS" folder from "Photos"? This looks like a fairly frequent problem which is caused by a change in capitalisation somewhere along a file path, which doesn't work well with Lightroom because it is case-sensitive and the OS file system is not. So the OS will see "PHOTOS" and "Photos" as the same folder, but Lightroom will see them as different folders.


                  Looking at the screenshots, it would suggest that the two "2016-07-02" folders are registered by Lightroom under the "PHOTOS" folder (confirm this by hovering the cursor over one of them and the full path will be revealed), whereas all the rest are registered under "Photos", but that seems now to be called "PHOTOS" according to the File Explorer screenshot.


                  There's a couple of ways of dealing with this, but just confirm my supposition is correct first.

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                    Slevitus Level 1

                    I have no idea of what the original problem, but I fixed it by moving the subject folders to a different drive location and re-importing them into Lightroom. All are where they should be now and showing up properly in LR folders panel. Thanks for all of the suggestions.  It very well mat have been a "capitalization" change issue some where along the way - not sure.

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                      Jim Wilde Level 5

                      No, I don't think you have fixed the underlying problem, you've simply worked around it for now. But the problem will continue to happen if ever you try to import into that "PHOTOS/Photos" folder hierarchy, or indeed if you use the "Edit in Photoshop" (or other plugin), where you'll find that Lightroom will not stack the derivative Tiff alongside the original file (it will seem to be put in a different folder).


                      To fix the problem permanently you need to get the OS file system and Lightroom using the same capitalisation of the folder name. The easiest way would be to close Lightroom, rename "PHOTOS" to "Photos" using Explorer, then restart Lightroom. That should fix things permanently.


                      If, after doing that, you decide that you really did want the parent folder to be named "PHOTOS", then rename it back to that....but do that rename using Lightroom's Folder Panel, i.e. right-click on "Photos" and select Rename. Do not rename outside Lightroom.

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                        Slevitus Level 1

                        Thank you for taking the time to provide this explanation. I've gone ahead

                        and changed the name of the top level PHOTOS folder to a different and

                        unique name. Appreciate the tip.