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    No dialog box in Edit In Photoshop when both LR and PS are using the same ACR

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      I have been looking for information without "full" success... The closest answer to what I was looking for was found in this quote but, as in the same quote he ask to open a new threat to don't interfere with the issues.



      I just started getting the same problem. When I move to edit a photo in Ps from Lr. The dialog box does not come up and if I've edited in LR it takes the adjustments and opens up in Ps. I have Lr cc v2015.5.1 camera raw 9.5.1. I have reset all warning dialogs. Weird. I suspect there is a bug. Any ideas?

      Please start your own thread. Since you have LR CC 2015.5.1 then you also have PS CC 2015.1.2.


      What you are seeing is normal. When selecting Edit In Photoshop both LR and PS are using the same ACR version so no dialog box is needed. Your RAW image opens in PS with all the LR  adjustments included as a RAW file type waiting to be saved as whatever you have selected as the File Type in the External Editor section of the LR Preferences, PSD or TIF. The only time you get that dialog window is if the ACR versions don't match. LR is using a newer version of ACR than the version of PS you have installed is using.

      Ok!! I get it but, is there a way to get LR to ask me anyhow? there is sometimes I like to play in LR to get an idea of the final image but, I still would love to be able to Edit in PS from 0 and compare results once back into LR. I just miss that box!!