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    How to explicitly trigger redraw of barcodes based on other fields AFTER those fields change?

    tinu8805 Level 1

      hi there


      I trialed the AA Pro but don't find a solution for my problem.


      I create a pdf with forms to be a template being filled and streamed by ColdFusion.


      I have to put two QR codes and two Interleaved 2of5 (yes, unfortunately) codes on the fly. I was just angry that Adobe dropped all 1D codes ... absolutely incomprehensible.


      I can populate the pdf with ColdFusion but the barcodes do not change.


      Once CF has loaded the pdf and after i populated the fields, i want to trigger the calculation again before CF spools the content to the client.


      Can this be done?


      And of course, how do i solve my 1D problem?


      Alternatively, I have QR codes prepared as <img> ... and the 1D code is created by Javascript ... I am also willing to integrate those if there is no other method.


      Any help is very appreciated. Thank you