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    Cant make basic adjustments lightroom mobile.


      Hi all,


      I have synced a lot of raw images from Lightroom desktop to my mobile (latest version for Android). However, for many of the photos in the app (I'm guessing around 50%) the basic adjustments are showing they are set to their absolute minimum (exposure -5, contrast -100, etc) but clearly are not set at that. if I try to adjust them up, no changes are made to the photo or histogram. Essentially, I can't make any adjustments to these photo s in the app. All of the photos had auto tone adjustments applied in Lightroom desktop prior to syncing to mobile.


      It seems as though for those photos it isn't seeing any adjustment history or couldn't sync them. I'm not sure.


      Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Or is anyone else seeing this odd behavior?


      Thank you in Advance.