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    Can "Fast Previews" be set to Off(Final) by default?

    barnstormvfx Level 1

      On a powerful system with plenty of Ram and GPU speed, I find the Fast Preview and Adaptive Resolution options to be really annoying.

      Not only do they not actually render/preview any faster than Final settings usually, but sometimes the automatic resolution adjustments cause visual glitches and other side-effects (such as text or images pixelating/aliasing horribly while Adaptive Resolution is on even when the viewer window shows the resolution to be Full), and making fine adjustments to elements is incredibly difficult when the jump to low resolution while being adjusted/transformed.


      I always ALWAYS immediately turn OFF Adaptive Resolution and set my viewer resolution to Full.


      However, every single damn time I re-open up an After Effects project, the Fast Previews button re-sets itself to Adaptive Resolution for EVERY. SINGLE. COMP.

      This means that in a big project where I'm working in a lot of comps and/or precomps, I feel like I'm constantly clicking on that lightning-bolt button and changing things back to Final.


      It doesn't seem like there's anywhere in the After Effects settings menus that I can control the default behavior of this switch. Is there something somewhere in an ini or dll for AE that would allow me to force "Fast Previews" to be Off always on startup?


      (Note that I'm not interested in trying to troubleshoot why "Fast Previews" doesn't work properly based on specs/hardware/etc., as the problems exist across many systems I work on with probably a dozen different hardware profiles - the most relevant solution for me is one that allows me to set Fast Previews to Off(Final) in After Effects by default.)