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    vital improvements for Lightroom mobile.


      I first was attracted to the idea of an extension of my catalog photo lightroom on iPad / iPhone. So I gave up my license to CC Photographer subscription.

      I started to find the product and its functionalities, and in seeing that several functions I use regularly are missing from the mobile version (keywords, smart collections, filligranes ...). I first try to soothe, to review all of my workflow, yet created it based on the functionalities of Lightroom ... but not! Unless multiply by 2 or 4 the time required to manage my photos.


      Keyword, smart collections and filligranes are however important tools for professionals, which are for the Creative Cloud subscription And for my part I can not work effectively without these features.


      Am I a special case? (I do not believe that)


      I would be grateful to the teams Adobe to consider these points and to communicate whether the integration of these functions is provided in a near or distant future.

      I would not continue to pay a subscription (relatively expensive) for an amputee mobile application of the main features of my workflow.


      @leave creative cloud ?