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    More Feedback: PSD Layers>Sketch=Merged? Auto-resizing?


      Hi there! I wanted to give you guys some more feedback on using sketch.


      I wanted to do a project where I was able to take a high res photo, and overlay a drawn character in that "scene/ photograph."

      My photo was taken at a high resolution with a DSLR. I was working on a sketch on my Mac Pro in Photoshop. I dropped it into the CC so I could access it on my ipad and continue working on my sketch while I was on the go.


      I noticed that I could not import layers from my photoshop PSD file into Photoshop Sketch. It imports as the image being merged.

      Is there any plans for this to be a feature to keep the layers separated? It would be AMAZING if you could do that (even if you only limited it to a few layers, I wouldn't mind! Just a few is better than nothing!)


      Secondly, I also noticed that the original file was 4128 x 2322 pixels, and when I brought it into Sketch, it auto-resized it (without letting me know!) to 2048 x 1536 pixels..

      Is there a way that I would at least be able to keep the original size in the future so at least I can work on stuff in a new layer and when I am home and bring it back to Photoshop, I know then at least it will be the proper size?


      Will there be a fix for this?


      Also are you planning to show undo button and add a redo button/ capability?


      Thanks for being awesome. I hope my feedback helps!

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Alintheayoh,



          Right now, there is no way to bring .psds into Adobe Sketch and have them remain editable files. They are instead brought into photo layers really only in a reference capacity. We do get this request often (also for Adobe Draw with .ai files); i just have no information about whether, or when, the ability to take files back and forth will be incorporated into the app.


          About keeping the original size of the image... images brought into the app automatically resize to the export dimensions of the art (which is 2048 x 1536); I suspect that might change when we offer the ability to change/customize the canvas size... but that's down the road a bit.


          I'm not entirely sure I'm understanding your question about Undo/Redo. Can you give me a bit more detail about what you're looking for?


          Thanks for posting. I'll share all of your comments with the product team.



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            alintheayoh Level 1

            Hi Sue! I really appreciate the thorough and honest answer!

            It's a shame because I feel like that feature would be REALLY useful and popular with users. I honestly wouldn't even mind paying something reasonable for that sort of capability. It would just be so handy to take my work away from home without having to lug my whole laptop away.


            Just to double check, the dimensions you gave for export "2048 x 15360" is correct? (The length seems a bit long to me!)


            As for the undo/ redo, basically I sometimes find it difficult to swipe with both fingers backwards in the app to Undo (and usually ends up giving me a paint-stroke or two and having to undo even more..) and I'm unsure if it's even possible to redo in the app? I've tried swiping forward but nothing happens.. unless I am just really rubbish at swiping in general ..

            Anyways, would you ever end up having visible UI buttons somewhere in the app that I can just tap on the icons if I wanted to redo or undo when I'm in the app?

            If you would like, I don't mind doing a small UI mockup of what I mean to make this clearer!


            Also, while I'm asking, do you happen to know how much the history goes back in a Sketch file? (Like how many "undos" do I have up to in the app?)


            Thanks again for your quick and thoughtful answer and I hope to hear again soon!

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              15360... a typo. I fixed it so it wouldn't confuse anyone else. Thanks for catching it; I meant to type 1536.


              I know, a lot of people would really like it. Like most things, there are a lot of things for the product team to consider before that functionality will be brought to the app. But, it is being discussed, so it's certainly not out of the question. I just have no idea when (or really even if) it will happen. I wish I had more information for you.


              I thought that's what you meant about Undo/Redo but I wanted to make sure before answering. There is an Undo icon (I've pasted a screenshot below), and if you press-and-hold on it, the Redo icon will appear. There's also, in that same menu a timeline icon where you can scroll back 50 steps in your drawing (please be very careful with extensive undos and the timeline feature. If you make a mark on the screen after having gone on the timeline it will override all of your work. You will get a warning that you are about to delete all of your strokes, but a lot of people ignore the alert and lose their work. So be careful.)






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                alintheayoh Level 1

                Hi Sue!

                I totally understand! (I'm a game developer myself, so I know how much we consider feedback but also understand it needs to be discussed with other members of the team, production, and dev managers for bigger tasks to get any proper thought for implementation!) It's also really nice to know that it's at least being thought about!


                Glad I could catch that typo for anyone else


                Oh gosh, I must be really blind! My apologies that I guess I didn't even notice that undo button in the UI! I was probably thinking it was a back button so silly me! Thanks for confirming this for me!


                Thank you for being so helpful! You really rock


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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  You're welcome Alintheayoh.


                  I'm glad it's what you needed. (Sometimes I'm not sure I'm understanding correctly when the answer is something so simple.)