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    Unresolved Hyperlinks - Can't find where

    Nonprofit Neophyte

      When exporting my .indd to epub, I get the error message Unresolved Hyperlinks 14796 and another 14800.

      How do I find what and where these are?

      I have looked in the Hyperlinks and Cross references - there were no urls to convert (they are already set as hyperlinks).

      Under Window/Links, all 9 hyperlinks are correct and functioning properly.

      All TOC links work properly, going to the correct page.

      Can someone help me know how to identify these unresolved hyperlinks?


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          Nonprofit Neophyte Level 1

          Thanks John - here was my path through that post:

          - Tried Windows/types & tables/cross references - there were none listed

          - Tried exporting to html so I could use a text editor - the numbers were not found.

          - Tried searching with Find in my indd doc, the numbers were not found

          - In the Hyperlinks window, all hyperlinks were status green

          - Prayerfully looking for something, I opened every one of them and removed any blank spaces following the hyperlink - no change.


          After pulling my hair out for hours, I finally discovered how to make the "missing/unresolved" hyperlinks show in Adobe InDesign CC 2015 latest edition.


          1. Open the Hyperlinks Panel full length

          2. Open the Cross-References Panel full length

          3. Select your entire Table of Contents. Cut it, then paste it.

          4. Select your entire Text/Story/Objects. Cut them, then paste.  (I DID NOT NEED TO DO THIS STEP)

          5. ALL Hyperlinks and Cross References show, finalfreakingly!

          6. Those with the attention sign are the misbehaving ones. Delete or resolve at your leisure.


          It seems to be a feature(read: bug)  that these links do not show, especially when attempting to create a sample ePub to meet the Ibooks requirements.


          I DID STEPS 1, 2, & 3 AND LIKE MAGIC, IN THE HYPERLINKS WINDOW,  above the regular hyperlinks appeared all of the TOC links and there were my two problem children highlighted with status red!  Notice, that when I made the changes and saved, the list of TOC links disappeared from the hyperlinks window again. Had to repeat the three steps above to see them again. Poof - no more errors.

          THANK YOU JOHN AND MARIA for saving what hair i have left!!