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    GPS City, State, County, Country Code

    Bob Wildman

      Canon 5D Mark III with Canon GPS. In Location data GPS, Altitude, and Direction display normally. City, State, and Country are faintly visible. If I type in what is barely visible, it displays correctly. Is there a way to automatically get this to display correctly?

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          You've encountered a poorly designed feature of LR. When a photo has GPS coordinates, LR automatically fills in the location fields Country, Country Code, State/Province, City, and Sublocation with suggested values (reverse geo-encoding). These suggested values appear in gray font and are difficult to edit—you must first "commit" the fields by clicking on their labels in the Library Metadata panel, one field at a time, one photo a time. Though the suggested values appear in exported photos, they don't get written to the photo's metadata, and they're not visible to plugins.


          Many users have complained about this poor design for years. The best solution is to use the Geoencoding Support plugin or the Geosetter program instead of LR to add location fields based on GPS. But if you want to stick with Lightroom's geo-encoding, you can use the Any Tag plugin to "commit" the location fields of a batch of photos. That feature of Any Tag is free.


          Also, if your display isn't calibrated, calibrating it could make the gray font easier to read.

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