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    Issues using A7sii 4K video in After Effects, and the resulting export (Jumping frames)

    Mwetherill Level 1

      Hey Guys Hoping to find some sort of help here. First shoot I've done in 4K for green screen content. Shot an Auction the other week, and the 4K footage was edited with no issues like discribed below.

      The raw file plays fine in VLC, and then Fine in Premiere. If I take the files into After Effects (Connected comp/aep file), When doing a cached playback it gets stuck on a specific section (and will usually make AE crash).

      Further more when exported, the video jumps about, video here: https://streamable.com/8j3u

      I thought this was to do with my machine recently upgrading to windows 10, so I booted up works older machine and exported through there. It didn't skip frames, but instead just shows a red box: https://streamable.com/ro0o

      Originally started project in the cc2015.3 line of Premiere and After Effects. First time I used these versions as well. The exports you see where done through cc2014. The exported results are identical.

      Hoping to find someone with some answers but will keep trying different things myself. Cheers

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have not provided any exact info about "export" settings nor other stuff like your footage interpretation, recording settings in the camera and so on, so this is mostly useless. Aside from that, if the sources are damged, it would be a good idea to check and "repair" transcode them in tools like Handbrake to avoid further complications later on. The same could be said for fixing the output files. It seems you look in all the wrong places to solve your issues, AE's buginess in recent versions notwithstanding...