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    invalid or missing plug-ins

    Ed Roseman Level 1

      Hey everyone,


      Sorry for the long post, but I figured it’d be better to try to include complete info from the get go. Here goes:


      The Crux: InDesign CS 5.5 says I’m missing plug-ins — or that they're invalid — after migrating my stuff from a backup.


      Preamble: The video card in my iMac running OS X 10.11.5 died, so I used Migration Assistant to migrate my home folder from my iMac Time Machine backup to my MacBook Air, also running OS X 10.11.5. Before doing that, I deleted my home folder on the MBA. I already had InDesign CS5.5 on both Macs. The migration seems to have gone fine… with the exception of InDesign.


      Furthers: Since my MBA disk is ½ the size of my iMac disk, I went looking for stuff to delete. I saw I had at least two copies of Adobe Extension Manager CS5.5, and had always heard that it was bad to have multiple copies of the same app, so after checking to see that they were all the same version, deleted all but one. I’d heard it was good to delete preferences when an app is misbehaving, so I then deleted from my Preferences the folders Adobe InDesign>Version 7.5>en_US. This contains Autocorrect, Color Settings, CompositeFont, Find-Change Queries, Glyph Sets, InDesign Defaults, InDesign Shortcut Sets, MyKeySet.indk, Menu Sets, PlugInConfig.txt, Scripts, Workspaces. I rescued those and put them back in my Preference, and now have my workspaces, etc., back, thank goodness.


      I never touched the Plug-in folder.


      At some point (unfortunately, I don’t remember what I did), I got an alert saying, “Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud is needed to resolve this problem. However, it is missing or damaged. Please download and install a new copy of the Creative Cloud from adobe.com/go/adobecreativecloudapp.” I’ve never moved to CC, using only ID CS 5.5, so didn’t do that (Although I do see that I have an Adobe Creative Cloud folder in my Applications.Utilities folder. Dunno how that got there.)


      When I initially opened ID to see if it worked, I got a series of alerts saying, “Adobe InDesign does not recognize [plug-in name] as a valid plug-in. Please reinstall it and restart InDesign.” There were a lot of alerts in a row, and I initially thought they were all the same alert in a repeating loop or something, so I told them all to go away. At a certain point, I realized I was wrong and that they were all different plug-ins, so took screen shots. Some of the allegedly invalid plug-ins: Page Setup Dialog, Links UI, EbookExport, all with the .InDesignPLugin suffix.


      Now when I open an important ID file of mine, I get an alert, “The document [doc name] uses one or more plug-ins which are not currently available on your system.”


      The plug-ins listed are Scotch Rules, LILO, and Optical Kerning. I’m assuming these are all stock plug-ins, because I don’t remember downloading any additional ones. I did a Spotlight search for them, and they indeed do not show up.


      I searched for each of them at https://creative.adobe.com/addons/ but none showed up.


      I redownloaded the ID CS 5.5 Extension Manager, and it’s the same version as the ones I had on my disk. I didn’t see the plug-ins there either.


      I would love NOT to have to upgrade ID CS 5.5, which was working fine for me, in order to fix this. Any help, kind, knowledgable, and generous ID community?


      Thanks in advance,