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    Behavior of keyboard shortcuts for Pick(p) and Rejected(x) in compare changed in LR 2016.6?


      I use Pick and Rejected flags in Compare View often and if I'm correct the keyboard shortcuts (P and X) changed? In the past, if you use the X key in Compare View, only the image that's selected within the pair (thin white box, either right of left) gets flagged as Rejected. But starting in LR 2016.6 (or earlier?), ALL images in the group originally selected for Compare View get flagged the same way. That doesn't happen if you click on one of the flags in either panel (right or left). If you hover the mouse cursor on the flag icon, it still shows the keyboard shortcut (e.g. "Set as Rejected (X)"), it's confusing and inconsistent. Is this a bug or did Adobe make this change intentionally? This new behavior seriously slows down my workflow.