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    Lightroom 6.6 Menu's not aligned with buttons

    89kraus Level 1

      After upgrading to Lightroom 6.6 some of the menu's do not align with the buttons.  For example, when using the crop and straighten tool, next to "Aspect" if you click on "Original", a menu comes up with various options.  Previously the menu would appear very close to where I clicked, but ever since this latest update it shows up in the lower left corner (basically the opposite side of the screen).  See the attached screen shot below. 


      Note this happens with all menu's except for the windows menu bar items (ie File, Edit work properly, but others such as White Balance, Lens Corrections, ect. show this problem). 


      I'm not sure if this is a bug, or some odd interaction my hardware that is causing this issue.  I'm working on a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, so the screen resolution is 1800x3200.  It is also a touch screen, and running Windows 10.    Note: I have also un-installed and re-installed lightroom, with no changes.  Any help with this annoying problem would be appreciated.  Thanks.

      Lightroom Screenshot..jpg