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    Reusage of stock material and YouTube license

    jonathanweber Level 1

      Hello Adobe community!


      For a client of mine, I am creating a video using only stock footage from stock.adobe.com. Since the client is struggling with the overall price of the required footage, it would be a real advantage if the footage could be reused in several, separate video-projects by the same client in the near future. I found out that I have to re-license the material for each and every client (which definitely makes sense) - but what if one client wants to use it multiple times?


      Also; the client company wants to purchase the material by themselves, since I cannot charge them taxes that they could get refunded by tax authorities. Is there any special license required for publishing on YouTube? Reading license agreements, which I did, is one thing - but they didn't really answer my questions and it would be useful to have those questions answered clearly before I assist the company on buying the footage.


      Thanks in advance and best regards!

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          jonathanweber Level 1

          No, actually that does not help: I could neither find some definite statement about reusing footage nor about YouTube (or alike) publishing. I could make some vague assumptions - but this does not help me if I am wrong and I or the client am/is getting sued. Moreover, the mix-up of photo- and video-licensing information is highly confusing because some things are likely to apply only for one of those media-types (or not?).


          Clarification would be highly appreciated.

          Thanks in advance and best regards!

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            Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Your client that licenses the images/videos can re-use the assets for their own use. Just like images that can be used in many different print and web applications as long as it is for the same licensee.


            You could not license it and use it for multiple clients but your client can license it and use it for multiple projects as long as the project is for their own company.


            I agree the licensing info and FAQ are pretty poorly done as far as specific (real life usage) information goes.

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              jonathanweber Level 1

              Thank you very much, Brad, this is exactly the information I was looking for!


              For other readers that might find this thread in the future: There is a hint I missed the first time when reading the overview-page of the license-terms:

              Enhanced licenses provide all the rights granted in a Standard license, and remove the 500,000 copy restriction. Adobe Stock videos and premium images have enhanced licenses by default.

              According to this, I think there is no limitation to 500.000 views for video footage, which was named in the forum of a similar footage provider as a hindrance to publish on YouTube. Without this limitation, I see no reason why distributing the final work on YouTube should be prohibited - correct me, if I am wrong.


              Thanks again and best regards!