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    Smart collections based on other smart collections

    uruguayfoto Level 1

      I want to use a smart collection as an input for other smart collections. Specifically, I want to define one pre-filter called "Approved" that I want to base other smart collections on. The decision criteria for pictures from October 7, 2015 on is easy (just a star or more) but before that pictures are coming from Aperture. I have tens of thousands of pictures there and I'm bringing them over based on original files, so without adjustments (sigh). I want to go through them, and although they bring their star rating from Aperture (which is nice) I want to explicitly approve them with a green label. So my "Approved" collection definition looks like this:




      This works. Now I want to have other smart collections that use this collections as the source, but that doesn't seem possible? This doesn't work:




      Am I overlooking something?