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    Have both CC Photography and LR CS6, cannot enter serial for CS6 anymore


      A few months ago, I purchased LR CS6 with serial number. I installed on 2 machines and it asked me to sign in and would identify my purchase just fine.


      I just purchased CC Photography Plan so I can have the latest updates to LR CC and Photoshop CC.


      So I deactivated the serial-number based installations so could get the latest on my primary machines. I uninstalled and installed the new CC and it works fine when I sign in.


      However, now when I attempt to install LR CS6 on other machines, it asks me to sign in and wont let me enter serial number, just assumes I am trying to use the same CC subscription instead of my serial number. There is no option to enter my standalone serial # and obviously I don't have enough activations beyond my two primary machines. I need to use the standalone serial number for my other 2 machines.


      How can I resolve this? Is there some special standalone installer for LR6? I thought I was using the original one, but I am not sure. I also tried downloading one marked as just Lightroom 6, but the same thing happens.