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    FTP Uploader IN Flex

    WessideMD Level 1
      No, I am NOT trying to learn how to get Flex to upload files using FTP. I'm trying to find a plugin for Flex that allows me to FTP right from the IDE and into the webserver.

      I know it exists! I used to have it before my harddrive crashed. It sat right next to my console/problems pane and I could easily drag my SWF right into my web folder...I was able to get it by doing the "Help->Find Software Updates" by I can't remember where in that god-forsaken tree of possible plugins it is actually located. Now I'm about to start a project and I can't live with the cumbersomeness of having to have a third-party ftp client open everytime I want to upload the latest version of my build. Google is worthless in helping me find one.

      Does anyone here know? How do you manage FTP uploads WITHIN the Flex 3 builder IDE?

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          WessideMD Level 1
          Thanks to ambientZ for this. I hope this shows up next time someone searches for this here on this forum. It's incredible how hard it was to find this...

          "if you go to help -> software updates -> find and install -> search for new features then you'll want to pick the europa discovery site i think (if you have eclipse 3.3+) then open up the tree to find remote access and device development, and select the remote system explorer items.

          After thats all installed you can do window -> open perspective, and pick remote system explorer
          from there you can right click and do new connection, and ftp is one of the options. "