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    PDF converting to "fast web view" when using pre-flight profile

    Megan Worrall



      I have recently updated to Acrobat Pro DC from X and am coming across an issue when creating a PDF using a pre-flight.


      The PDFs I create need to remain without "Fast web view". When I saved and ran the profile in Acrobat X, this did not change. Now in DC using the same process, it changes it to "Fast web view". I am using the same profile in both versions.


      I have tried turning off the "Save as optimises for fast web view" in the general preferences. This didn't fix the issue.

      I also turned off "Optimise the PDF for fast web view" in my regular PDF Optimiser settings in case that was related. That didn't fix it either. 


      Further details:

      The pre-flight profile I am using is a slightly amended version of the standard "Convert to PDF/A-1b" profile (changes are to colour settings only).

      I have created the original PDFs from InDesign, and the PDFs do not have fast web view enabled.

      I know there are many other, better, more direct ways of creating PDF/A files, but I am working with legacy systems that require the PDFs to be made in a very specific way.


      Any help would be much appreciated.