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    Needing help with different kinds of conditional logic in a custom PDF

    darth pathos

      Ah the life of a developer - get handed something that a non-computer geek thinks is "easy" with an unrealistic timeline, and you've never done it before :-)


      I have been asked to take a custom-PDF built by someone in my group and make some changes.  I'm running Win7 and using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.


      What I need to do is basically variations around Conditional Logic; for example:

           If Checkbox1 is filled in, Checkbox2 becomes locked

           If Checkbox1 is filled in, ComboBox2 becomes mandatory

           If the user has filled out the PDF, saved it as "Customer_0123", and goes back in to make changes, can I highlight what was changed?


      I am (very very) new to JavaScript and so I have been muddling through some documentation but the "most recent" document I have found from Adobe is 10 years old, and I'm not sure it's still relevant.


      Any help would be appreciated...