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    AfterEffects UI breaks down until I've recached all source material


      What a surprise, I've run into yet another random issue with cc 2015. I opened up my most recent project this morning and after fully opening after effects stopped registering the clicks that I made with my Wacom tablet. What I found was that It would register my first click and then nothing else until i brought the mouse down to the windows taskbar area. Then I could bring the mouse back to after effects, make another click and then once again after effects would not register any more clicks until i dragged over the taskbar and back to after effects. After doing this enough times to click through all the items in my project window, the bug finally ceased. also If I minimize after effects or switch to a different application and try to come back, the bug resets itself. I don't know if it is related to my wacom tablet, the windows cursor input, my two monitors or something about the source material or whatever. But out of the vast array of cc2015 bugs, I'm ready to cancel my subscription because of this one.


      I'm hoping someone from adobe can reply to this post to help me solve this issue


      Here's my system setup.

      Windows 10 64,

      32gigs memory,

      3.6ghz quad core i7,

      7200 rpm hard drive,

      gtx970, 2560x1440 monitor 1,

      1920x1080 monitor 2,

      intuos pro tablet input.