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    Swatch Manager ?

    StrongBeaver Level 3

      Is there a swatch manager for Illustrator for better managing of swatches per project available ?

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          Silly-V Adobe Community Professional

          You can try my wacky panel if you wish.

          This thing could be greatly improved upon and would make a great exercise in creating a new extension, hmm.

          Adobe-Illustrator/Hobo Swatches_v1.jsx at master · Silly-V/Adobe-Illustrator · GitHub


          So how it works is you have selected swatch slots in the 50 available squares, and you can add documents colors from any document to this panel. Its only helpful with storing basic color information and its advantage is in being able to associate information with swatches through the notes feature.

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            StrongBeaver Level 3

            That is a nice swatch manager Silly-V Can I select the illustration and have it automatically read the swatch colors ?

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              Silly-V Adobe Community Professional

              It only works when transferring the swatch info with already-existing swatches, so you've got to make selected art into a swatch group and then select the swatches in the swatch panel to 'target' them for this kind of manager. The principle problem solved by it is the problem of cumbersome swatch library actions when a library needs to be updated. Manually, updating a library would mean opening a separate document (your ai doc to be opened as library) and doing swatch manipulations, and then saving the doc. With this script it acts as a little clipboard of swatch info.

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                Silly-V Adobe Community Professional

                I wouldn't mind potentially expanding this into something useful, so learning about your desired workflow would surely help.

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                  StrongBeaver Level 3

                  So I have to create a swatch in Illustrator then copy it to your manager, sorry I didn't quite understand?

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                    Silly-V Adobe Community Professional

                    Yea, you create an illustrator swatch, or select one and then you can add it to this panel. But when you switch documents, the contents of this panel do not change.

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                      StrongBeaver Level 3

                      When switching documents if the panel could remember the swatches based on project; or the name of the file would be related to the swatch name that would be helpful completely eliminating the need to use Illustrator swatches.  One could save their swatches in your swatch manager for the project, open another project and a new set of swatches related to the current project would open or when switching tabs, if this is possible, the swatches would change based on the project ?


                      Also smart swatch select, whereas, you select everything in your artwork and your swatch manager can pick up the colors used and save them in the swatch manager ?