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    I moved a folder of images outside Lightroom. What next?

    Geobop Level 1

      I just recently installed and set up Lightroom. Today, I had to reorganize some images on one of my websites. I forgot all about Lightroom and did it manually, dragging them from one folder to another on my hard drive.


      The good news is it was amazingly easy to figure out how to fix it in Lightroom - for the most part.


      However, I have a handful of images in a few folders that are causing problems. For example, I have a folder @ images/sections/people/home that now displays just home image in Lightroom when there should be TWO images. No problem; I have a master copy of these images on my desktop. So I decided to simply import the missing image. However, it won't let me import the image, telling me the image is already in Lightroom. But I can't find it in Lightroom, nor can I find it in Finder. (I'm using a Mac.)


      Does anyone have any tips for restoring these images? Thanks.