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    After Effects CC Wacom pen pressure problem...

    thebobwolf Level 1

      Hello Experts :-)


      I am having a problem with the paint function in After Effects CC 2015.3 when using a Wacom tablet. Basically the pen pressure is not working.


      Please note, this is only happening in After Effects, Photoshop and illustrator are fine with Wacom pressure sensitivity and are working as expected.



      So far I have:


      • Deleted and re-installed the Wacom drivers - No effect.

      • Trashed After Effects Prefs  :-( - No effect

      • Tried a new wacom - Still the same

      • Tried new pen - still the same


      OS: I'm on a new (late 2013) Mac Pro running OS X El Capitan

      Device: Tablet is a Wacom intros Pro

      Software: After Effects CC 2015.3


      Any help in solving this is greatly appreciated.