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    150:30 error in 2016!?


      All I find on this issue relates back to 2012 and earlier so I am not finding answers that have helped me. I have CS4 running on an older iMac, with Yosemite. It has never had an issue and I have had this OS running since it came out. I was working on a file, a poster I volunteered to do for a charity fundraising group raising money for leukaemia research. I opened the pdf in acrobat to check it and the entire imac crashed. I don't see that often. So I restarted and got the 150:30 license error problem. I have all the original cds and a valid license! I contacted adobe via live chat and the support person used bomgar to start trying to fix it. He deleted this and that and uninstalled things, then started reinstalling. It was taking a long time so I said I could just finish the reinstall on my own. It didn't work. So, I tried again. Still nothing. I looked it up and found Adobe's page on the issue. The first problem with that is the "run the license service updater 10.7.... there isn't any such thing I could find and I am not on 10.7 at this point. It said to run the terminal window and drag the licenserepairlauncher app into the terminal window... ok... running sudo python... ok... and all I got was terminal spitting out that line one had a syntax error... not in what I entered, but the app from what I understand. I think the repair tool is outdated.


      I sent a reply back to adobe but it's july 4th so I am guessing there's no answer happening today.


      Can anyone help me fix this crap?