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    Colour accurate and playable h264 using Adobe products

    tristansummers Level 1

      There have been tears of thes questions, and I thought it was impossible, but if I render a h264 quicktime from Resolve it is perfect. no gamma shift. bring it back into any project and all colours the same. play it in Quicktime, MAc or PC or Wildebeast, all good. Sweet. Thanks Da Vinci. But I would need the full version for big renders...


      I can find no way to do this from Adobe Products.

      Is there a recommended workflow for colour, gamma accurate playable h264 quicktime versions of renders from Adobe, as each app has it's own idisyncracies. Speedgrade is too light standard, too dark "color calibrated" I am testing with straight unmanaged Animation or dpx renders from AE.

      If Resolve can do it then so can Adobe, but at present there is no standard way to do it.

      Handbrake will do a colour accurate x264 but it plays back weirdly no matter how you tune it


      ideally doing this into a none quicktime file that still played back on everything, like this Resolve mov does would be cool


      I know about all the wider technical blurb.