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    LR CC disappeared

    Bob Wildman

      iMac with V10.11.5. CC app shows LR is "Up to Date."

      Wanted to export a collection and got no response from Export button. Went to Quit with backup. Progress button was full from the beginning and nothing happened; it just seemed to hang up. After several minutes, I had to force quit. When I tried to restart from dock I got the big question mark on the LR icon. In Application folder there is a PS LR 5 version which does not have the most recent files. I cannot find a more recent LR version in Applications.

      I use a dedicated disk drive for my catalogue; it shows an update on 7/2/16.


      Do I have to reinstall LR CC? I just went to the Creative Cloud app and all I get is a spinning wheel.


      1. How do I get CC app to work?

      2. How do I get LR app to current version?