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    AE 2015.3 CC - Crashing/not responding when 3D Camera is added


      Hi there,

      I was following a tutorial on making 3D Extrusion text for AE and to make things more interesting I wanted to do some camera panning and cutting, but every single time I try (I've tried doing it over with new project files from scratch three times already), the program simply stops responding and I can't even get the camera layer deleted again. I suppose it might be because my computer is too weak to handle it but I wanted to ask in the case that I might be wrong.


      I'm on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 128 Gb. running a poor old Intel HD 520 and Intel i5 2.4 Ghz.

      So yeah, if that's what's causing it I guess I'll have to consider building a desktop machine, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this might be something I could fix?


      Cheers and thanks for your time!