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    Error. Can't export/publish swf files to AE.

    spiteyourface Level 1



      I have fully up to date CC. Mac Pro running 10.9.5


      I can't export or publish .swf files from either Animate CC or Flash CS6 that can be read by After Effects CC.


      Any and all variations of export or publishing tests result in the same (redacted here) error message upon import:

      ...may be in an unsupported format... (86 :: 1)


      Have tried multiple deinstallations and reinstalls, run Limited Access Repair tool, Cleaner tool, etc. No change. CC reports no other errors.


      These are from simple, minimal .fla projects with no scripting etc.


      The one strange variable is that if I export a swf to the desktop it can be read. Any other location it reads as "unsupported". This is not viable for the job I'm doing. Also, other export formats not an option, has to be swf.


      Any ideas what could create such a strange error as changes depending on file location, and how to fix?


      (weirdly, I can open old legacy swf files that I think were made in CS4. These I can import from any location. The problem is limited to newly created swf files, regardless of source or settings)