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    Where is the filter by image type (vector, photo)?


      Please don't say you removed that filter option.



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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It is still there ... just cleverly hidden for some awful reason.


          Instead of simply checking a box and type in your key word like it used to be ... now you have to:


          1: Search by keyword

          2: Click on 'Images' at the top centre of the screen. I know, it's not even apparent that it is a link.

          3: Then click on the small Audio Slider icon back by the search tool

          4: Then a window will open up where you can set your search details.

          5: Note: It is impossible to search for say .jpgs and videos in the same search now.

          6: then if you want to sort by relevance you have to go to a totally different place in the top right corner of the screen

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            mark-heaps Adobe Community Professional

            You can also filter in application when searching through the Libraries panel. After you type your search topic in and results come up, use the turn down arrow to access filter options. This will allow you to set it to photos, vectors, etc...
            Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.37.00 AM.png

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