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    Using Animator and Illustrator without a Creative Cloud Subscription


      I'm trying to upgrade my Illustrator and Flash Pro CS5, but it appears to be impossible to do so without paying for the full subscription.  I need to know if it's possible to continue using the CC programs without using the CC subscription services.  That is, is it possible to buy Creative Cloud once, and not continue paying the subscription fee?  If I allow the subscription to expire, will I still be able to produce and distribute Flash games, apps, and animations using the software?


      If it makes a difference, I don't require any cloud storage or mobile development capabilities.  I've already paid for offsite storage elsewhere, and developing anything on my heavily outdated smart phone doesn't appeal to me.  I do, however, want the ability to efficiently publish .SWF, .MOV, and HTML5 files from Animator.  My current system of converting .SWF to .MOV is very cumbersome.