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    Can't convert Lightroom CC to version 6



      A month ago I bought Lightroom 6 from a reseller and I downloaded the software from Adobe. After I have upgraded to the last version and I got Lightroom CC as a  gift!!! I don't want Lightroom cc but I don't know how to convert it to version 6. I used this procedure three times and it doesn't work:

      Convert Lightroom CC trial to activate as Lightroom 6.

      In this procedure there is a step where you enter your serial number. I tried to enter the serial number from the version 5 and 6. The version 5 number got an error message like "Invalid number", the version 6 worked but I have always CC version...

      I have a MacBook Air version 10.11.5.

      So, how can I convert to version 6?



      André C.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If there is a CC subscription tied to your AdobeID then you’ll get LR CC regardless of whether you also try to enter a serial number.   If your CC subscription ever lapses then you’ll have the LR 6 serial number as a backup, though you’ll lose the features since 6.0, like Dehaze and the Blacks and Whites sliders in Gradient/Radial filters and Boundary Warp in panoramas and Guided Upright.

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            andréc95099452 Level 1


            I don't think I have a CC subscription but, just in case, how can I know if I have a CC subscription tied to my AdobeID?


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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You said you got Lightroom CC as a gift.  What does this mean?  Do you mean you are running the LR CC trial or that someone bought LR CC for you?


              You can see if you have a CC subscription on your account by logging into www.adobe.com with your AdobeID, click on Manage account, then  you should see what plans you have.  Here is what I see when I do that, where I have a full CC suite subscription:


              Assuming "as a gift" means "running the trial" then can you be more detailed about what happens when you apply the LR 6 serial number.  If it is an upgrade serial number then you'll need to also choose that you have a previous version of LR and that it is LR 5, then enter the LR 5 serial number as well.

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                andréc95099452 Level 1



                Here's my plan:  Abonnement gratuit à Creative Cloud. In english, it's mean: Free subscription to CC.


                So I do have a subscription to CC. Can you confirm?


                As a gift is a translation from a french expression (I'm french Canadian). What I mean is I got CC without asking for it. So it's not a gift at all but I tried to put a little "humour" in my problem. So forget the gift.


                My story is: I bought a few years ago LR 5 and have the serial number, I bought a new camera recently and needed to upgrade because camera raw from LR 5 was not compatible with my new raw files. So I bought on the Internet the upgrade to LR 6. I downloaded from adobe the code and upgraded to 6. I put the serial number get from the reseller. After I upgraded to the last LR version and I got CC what I don't want at all.


                I tried another time the procedure to convert CC to LR. I  put the LR 5 serial number and I got the message that the number is invalid! After, I put the serial number obtained from the reseller to upgraded to LR 6 and it's work through but if I have yet CC. Here's what I have in the help:

                Version de Lightroom : CC 2015.6 [ 1078672 ]

                Licence: Creative Cloud

                Système d'exploitation : Mac OS 10

                Version : 10.11 [5]


                So, if I understand my problem:

                - I have a free subscription so I can't use the procedure to convert

                - I have to wait that my free trial end to use the procedure

                Can you confirm that is true or not.


                So if it is true:

                - How can I not renew my free subscription because I waited 30 days and it's continue. Is it something I did that cause the subscription continue?

                - Can I ended the subscription?

                - Is there a work around if I have a CC subscription?




                André C.

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  From what you say, only having a free CC subscription, you should not have access to LR CC once the trial period is over.  One possible scenario is that you have two different AdobeIDs and the one you've checked online for only has a free CC subscription, but the one you've logged into LR with does have a payfor CC subscription associated with it.  Let's check to make sure that isn't the situation.  Go to LR, the one that says LR CC when you do Help / System Info and from the Help menu choose Manage My Account and see what it lists for your plans, then.


                  I am not an Adobe employee so I don't have access to your records to see what you might have for subscriptions.


                  It also doesn't hurt if you have the CC app on your computer because that is how you get updates and your license is checked with periodically even if you have LR 6.

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                    andréc95099452 Level 1



                    I don't have another Adobe account. I checked like you said. I created my account when I upgraded to LR 6 because it was mandatory.


                    When you say it doesn't hurt to have the CC app, how long do the cc app can work WITHOUT internet connection?


                    For the updates, I can do it myself with the Help module.


                    Do the trial period is 30 days?



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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      LR 6 checks to make sure you've only installed LR 6 on up to two computers and it likely uses the CC app for this license check.  The CC app would need to do the same license verification periodically for a CC version of LR, but it isn't every day.


                      I am not sure if it has changed but the trial may be shorter than 30 days, now, down to maybe 7, or that may be just for the entire suite not LR with PS only.  I've only heard this reduced trial period discussed occasionally and it was always in conjunction with PS or the suite not LR.


                      Just keep your LR 6 and LR 5 serial numbers handy--maybe copy-paste them into a text file you can find, easily, and have them ready if the CC subscription no longer works.


                      The situation of running with a LR CC subscription when no such subscription is listed on your AdobeID seems odd, but it is in your favor because there are a few more features in LR CC than LR 6.


                      Besides showing that you have a free CC subscription, is there also a LR 6 serial number (or at least purchase) listed if you go to the same page as listed your free plan but click on the link that shows all your products or all your orders, not just your subscriptions?

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                        Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                        Once your Adobe ID is Tied to a subscription plan it will always be tied to that plan.


                        When an if your FREE CC Subscription runs out you will need to create another Adobe ID, using a different email address, and then you can use the LR 6 serial number to Activate, License, Register, LR as the Stand Alone product.


                        As far as I know once an Adobe ID it tied to a subscription plan, even if you cancel that subscription or it runs out (You stop paying for it), it is always tied to that subscription and you never get an option to enter a serial number. The only perpetual license product Adobe has at this time is LR.


                        This supposed FREE subscription, does it also say for how long the subscription plan is for like in Steve Sprengel's post.