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    Changing checkbox's false export value

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      I know nothing about javascript but have managed to teach myself enough to get through making some forms at work.  I have managed to make the form submit and design an email (there may have been a simpler way, but I just did it any way I could figure out how to).  But I have it so in the email, if a checkbox is ticked, it says Elec.  But at the moment if it is not checked it has Off written in place.  Is there a way to change the false export value (Don't know if I'm even calling it the right thing?)


      Please also don't come back with a whole lot of technical terms, as I seriously don't understand any of it   sorry to be a pain! - I have also added a photo of what my email looks like.  I have filled some of it out to show what I want happening.Brochure Form Email.JPG

      The Javascript I ended up with is

      Javascript for Brochure Order Form.JPG

      I really hope someone can help me!  Thanks and sorry I'm confusing!