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    Cannot connect to server


      Good Afternoon

      My ADE won't connect to the internet. First I got a message that it could not connect to the fulfillment server. I can't return books. I can't download books. So I search the forums and the only usable suggestion is to reinstall ADE which I do. I remove the authorization and now if I try to authorize it says it cannot connect to the authorization server. There's no help on that one.

      Adobe is very quiet on the issue. Do I have to start buying paper books again?

      Thanks, Christine

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          Hopefully this may help someone, even if its a rather vague description of what I've done. 


          I've been struggling for a few days to use ADE to borrow books from the library.  I used to do this all the time, but after losing my Kobo have had a few months of not installing books.  I am using Windows Vista and have installed, uninstalled, re-installed, (versions 2.0, 3.0 and 1.7 something, I've reset dates and times on the computer etc, none of which worked. 


          Reading around a few forums and questions, one poster went into Internet Explorer and found hers began to download to ADE when she used this rather than firefox or Chrome.  I went to IE and my library webpage and was warned about a security certificate.  I went on to agree to validate this certificate/webpage (sorry a bit vague but I just pressed buttons as I've been so frustrated).  I then returned to Chrome and downloaded the books and hey ho, no problems, they all downloaded and opened into ADE as per normal.  All books are now on my Kobo and I'm happy.


          So, the fulfilment error did indeed seem to be that ADE was not connecting to the internet and that is because IE was blocking the site because the certificate was out of date or not validated.  I'm certain there is a more technical explanation but it worked for me so good luck.