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    Adobe XD Evolving Features


      I'm currently using Axure (and have been for some years now), which is very comprehensive at prototyping and is pretty good for throwing together quick wireframes of varying levels of detail. Having tried the preview version of Adobe XD, I am really impressed with the usability which enables quick and easy design. However, being early days, it is missing some key features which I would find essential before considering it as a competitor or replacement for Axure (although, considering how usable XD is, I could see it happening in the future!).


      The key features I would hope to see are:


      1. Layer control - enabling the user to group objects into a layer and then pin the layer in place, and provide control to show, hide and position the layer (preferably with animated tweening).
      2. Reusable objects (like PS smart objects) - allowing the user to to group objects into a single reusable object which can be use multiple times. A single edit to one object would automatically update all related objects. I would like to see this extended to reusable arboards, enabling me to use a single art board multiple times, so I can add extra elements, but any updates made to the orginal artboard would also update all related artboards.
      3. Styles - reusable styles with class names, with the ability export corresponding CSS for developer reference


      Not asking much, surely? 


      Looking good, and looking forward to seeing XD evolve.