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    Setting base dir

      I have some educational flash games for windows (legally bought), that I would like for my daughter to be able to use on her OLPC (One Laptop Per Child)`, which is Linux based.

      After some further research and experimentation, I have gotten a bit closer to running the games.

      It turns out that the exe is a projector (made with Director), and all it does is run a dxr file in a subdirectory. I can open this file directly in the flash player, but it is only the initial menu from which you can choose the various activities.

      The problem is that when you select an activity, you get an error like 'Unable to find file: "\SUBDIR\ACTIVITY"'.

      The subdirs from the activities are on the same level as the subdir with the menu. So I have tried making a stub movie that just runs the menu, and starting it from the root dir (same as the original projector). I runs the menu just fine, but it still gives the same error for activities.

      Is there any way that I can set the base dir in Lingo?