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    LR Panorama Merge fail with more than 10 photos


      Able to stitch up to 10 photos in my series, but cannot complete merge if 11 or more photos of my series. Pls see attached screenshot of error message.LR pano merge error msg.jpg

      Some observations:


      1. Disk space (temporary) usage while doing merge is in the GB order... After each failed merge attempt, my available disk space is zero... Is there a min free disk space requirement?... per photo/file size?... other?...

      2. Pano merges that succeed take minutes to complete, i.e.: one with 10 photos took more than 10 minutes... This normal?

      3. My LR is ver 6.6; PC on WIN7; Leica Typ240's uncompressed DNG files in the order of 40MB ea

      4. Able to merge all 13 photos with MS's ICE program, i.e.: my DNG files appear to be OK

      5. Tried merging the exported JPG files, same failure if more than 10 files are to be stiched.


      Your help, advice will be appreciated.